Will McDonalds’ McVegan Sandwich Be Available In America Anytime Soon?

While some food trends may come and go, the cultural shift towards veganism has been steadily growing in America and around the world. The market share of food consumers who now claim to be vegan has become large enough for the McDonald’s food chain to develop a meatless burger named the McVegan.

A recent Grub Street article explains how McDonald’s did a seven week consumer test-run of a vegan meatless burger in one small city in Finland a few months ago. The new meatless burger is the result of a collaborative effort between McDonald’s and a vegan food company from Sweden named Anamma.

Evidently, the McVegan burger was a very popular item with the Finnish consumers. So much so, that McDonald’s has announced that by the end of the year, the sandwich will become a permanent menu item at their Finnish restaurants.

A McDonald’s representative said that all of their expectations regarding consumer acceptance of the sandwich were greatly surpassed. The animal rights organization PETA even positively acknowledged the McVegan burger in an online tweet.

According to the Grub Street article, more than 100 different versions of the sandwich were tried before one recipe was chosen for the McVegan. The winning sandwich features a neutral flavor and comes with such classic toppings as ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and a ‘special’ sauce.

The McVegan burger will also soon be available at McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden. With roughly one-tenth of Sweden’s national population claiming to be abstaining from eating meat, it’s seems pretty likely that the meatless sandwich will be well-received there.

A surprising fact stated in the article is that six percent of U.S. citizens now identify as vegans. With numbers of potential customers like that, can it be very long before the McVegan burger is available at McDonald’s restaurants in America?