Why Traveling to Palestine is so Important to Dr. Saad Saad

During an interview about his accomplishments, Dr. Saad Saad once revealed how important his faith was to him. He told the reporter that only God knows our fate in life. With an average temperature in Palestine of 95-degree Fahrenheit, Dr. Saad became a surgeon so he wouldn’t have to work outside in the heat. Having been born in Palestine, his work took him back to Palestine. In explaining why he traveled to Palestine so much, Dr. Saad gave the following reasons:


  1. To help those who are less fortunate


Part of Dr. Saad’s mission in life is to treat those who cannot get treatment from anywhere else, especially the children. He exercised his skills as a pediatric surgeon that he acquired in the United States to help the people in Palestine.


  1. To train other doctors


While on medical mission trips to Palestinian, Dr. Saad helped train young pediatric surgeons. At first, the surgeons would watch as Dr. Saad performed complex medical procedures. In the later years, the Palestinian surgeons would perform the medical procedures while Dr. Saad observed them to ensure a successful outcome.


  1. To help the economy


In Palestine, the cost involved in performing surgery or transporting a patient to a place where they could be operated on is very expensive. The Palestinian people normally pay for the cost of surgery in the form of taxes. While the United States and some European countries conduct surgical procedures at no cost, it is still not affordable. Most people cannot afford the expense of traveling to the United States or Europe for the treatment. Instead of moving the patients, Dr. Saad travels to the patients. Therefore, the patients receive medical treatment for free, and they do not have to pay travel expenses.


Considering everything that Dr. Saad has accomplished, it appears that traveling to Palestine was a part of his fate. Perhaps, Dr. Saad’s becoming a surgeon involved more than just wanting to stay out of the heat. Dr. Saad’s fate that was only known to God was revealed to the world through his medical missions to Palestine. Learn more: https://patch.com/new-jersey/longbranch/when-child-swallows-foreign-object-advice-dr-saad-saad