Why This Study on the Fear of Touching Raw Meat Should Raise Eyebrows

As it turns out, millennials hate handling raw meat, but does anyone really like it? In response to this recent marketing survey, companies are now starting to experiment with hand-free meat packaging, meaning you can simply rip the package open and dump the contents directly into your pan. This will no doubt be a popular packaging method that can potentially revolutionize the meat industry, but should we even be finding solutions to this nasty problem?

Instead, we should look into ourselves and ask why we are grossed out by handling dead animals. Millennials also happen to be the driving force behind veganism, probably because they are more aware of the gruesome truth behind the factories their meats come out of and the negative health consequences.

Young people are now grappling with this question that not many people have dared to ask themselves before: if they can’t hunt, skin, and debone their meat themselves, why should they be eating it at all? If you can’t be at peace with looking an animal in the eyes and killing it yourself, you should not feel comfortable wandering the meat aisle of your grocery store.

Although the meat industry will continue their fight to make us sick with their meat by making it more palatable to consumers, the plant-based diet revolution has already begun and it won’t be silenced. In fact, many celebrities like Bill Nye and Jamie Oliver have been quoted that plant-based diets are the way of the future.

You can continue to pretend that your neatly packaged meats don’t come from animals who have never been outside in sunlight and were skinned while still conscious enough to feel that excruciating pain, or you can wake up and smell the cruelty-free bacon!

Being vegan was difficult and bland a couple decades ago, but now, if you can think of any dish or ingredient, you can find its equally-delicious plant-based counterpart in most grocery stores. You just have to do a little bit of research first.

Be a part of the future, not a part of the problem. If you can’t touch meat, don’t eat it.