Why Robert Diegnan Is An Icon In The Digital Technology Industry

Robert Deignan is a Florida native born in Fort Lauderdale and went to Purdue University on a Football Scholarship. He graduated in 1995 with a B.S in organizational leadership. After a short contract with the Miami Dolphins and NY Jets, he opted to build his career around business and started his first company Fanlink Inc. Three years into Fanlink, he elevated to become the Vice President of an anti-malware software company that deals with a wide variety of technical issues.

Together with his colleagues in iS3, they encountered challenges installing their software into consumers’ machines because of some malware products that were blocking the installation. They came up with a scheme that left their customers happy and increased their trust in them. Robert and his partners realized they could make money through this remote connection technologies and at the same time remove malware from machines. Robert says that when it was their time to move on from iS3, they took this knowledge with them and co-founded ATS digital services LLC.

He saw an opportunity in the digital market when he saw that the available digital service providers treated their clients as a disruption and so he combined his passion for legit customer service and technology giving birth to ATS. He has created a culture for his employees where customer service compliance is the cornerstone of the organization. Robert has led ATS into being the first company in the digital market to be AppEsteem certified a certification that is given to the best service providers. He said that, when they did their review process and found out that they had met the AppEsteem requirements, they committed themselves to get certified, send signals to all security companies, software vendors, and regulators that they partake in consumer-friendly practices.

The digital technology wizard who makes most decisions based on his gut feeling believes that time is a valuable resource and if anyone is going to spend it, should be on something they entirely believe in. Robert Deignan is happy with the fact that ATS has helped more people embrace remote technologies to fix their computers.