Whitney Wolfe Launches Bumble BFF

Friends are a crucial part of anyone’s life. Through social activities such as parties and ceremonies, friends are able to mingle. Moreover, they are always there to speak with and share amazing and sad moments. In a big city like New York City, friends are family and will be there for you when you need them. It is for this reason that Bumble introduced its newest product, Bumble BFF.

The application is tailored to help individuals to make friendships with people who share similar hobbies and interests. These friends can be from any gender that one prefers. According to Bumble founder, Whitney Wolfe, Bumble BFF is the modern way of making new friends, workout partner, wing woman, or partner in crime.

Getting Bumble BFF on one’s gadget is easy. One starts by downloading the Bumble App available on both Google Play Store and App Store. For individuals who do not have a Bumble profile, one can easily create a profile by signing in with his or her Facebook account. The application will get one’s basic information from his or her Facebook profile. This information can later be fine-tuned. The user should then click on the setting button located. From the settings tab, he or she should choose BFF to change his or her Bumble profile to Bumble BFF. One can then start to check on the profiles of other users and make new friends. What is even more appealing about Bumble BFF is that once selected, it ensures that your profile is not shown on the dating side of Bumble. This means that individuals already in relationships can comfortably use the application.

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Whitney Wolfe created Bumble BFF to ensure that Bumble users who get into a relationship can continue to use the app. Previously, these individuals would delete their accounts. Others were also entering ‘same gender’ in their settings with hopes of finding new friends. This situation tended to attract strange friends. Bumble BFF has removed all these hurdles by becoming the first ever friend-making platform.

Whitney Wolfe is a shrewd entrepreneur, tech expert, and corporate executive. Formerly, she worked for Tinder as a managing partner. She helped found the world largest dating platform. When Whitney Wolfe left the company, she founded Bumble and became its chief executive leader. She has created many brands under the firm, including the newly launched, Bumble BFF.