Whitney Wolfe And The Challenge She Faces In Dealing With Tinder’s Legal Actions

It is said that the higher we are placed in the society, the more we should be walking humbly. This is something that is actively felt right now by Whitney Wolfe who feels that Tinder should not be walking arrogantly and who is now facing the challenge of being sued by Match, the parent company of Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and Founder of Bumble, which is a direct competition of Match and Tinder, and which is receiving flak right now because of the lawsuit it is experiencing involving patent ownership.

The Bumble’s Strong Stand Against Tinder

Whitney Wolfe will not defer to the intimidation of Match and Tinder. In a public statement reported in Refinery 29, we read that Bumble will be facing the lawsuit of Match with courage. It is interesting to note that the lawsuit from Tinder came after Bumble refused the buyout of Match. Ms. Wolfe is confident that she won’t be intimidated and she will fight the accusations of Tinder that the features of Bumble are copying Tinder’s.

The accusation of Tinder comes from the fact that Bumble seems to be copying the general feel and use of Tinder, as can be seen in the Match Group vs Bumble legal case. It is in the report that Bumble’s general interface is strongly linked with that of Match Group, and there should be legal repercussions for that.

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You may remember the fact that Wolfe Herd was a co-founder of Tinder but because of sexual harassment lawsuit against the company last June 2014, she moved away from the project and started on her app called Bumble. Right now, Bumble is working hard to make sure that it can protect the workforce and innovation that it has started with Ms. Herd.

Right now, the innovation of Bumble is in creating an alternative to Tinder that’s centered on friendly and networking opportunities instead of being a strictly dating service. With such innovation, Bumble is able to attract the kind of users that would push for a better environment for women and for people who just want to use the app for friendly purposes.

About Whitney Wolfe

We know that Whitney is the successful CEO of Bumble but what you probably don’t know is that Whitney is the person responsible for the launch of Bumble BFF, which is a qualified form of a networking or dating app that focuses more on friendships instead of strictly dating. Ms. Wolfe is making sure that this feature of Bumble would create friendlier and non-sexist relations among the online users.