When Kids Take Charge of the Kitchen

Any parent can attest to the fact that kids tend to be rather picky. And anyone who puts a lot of care into their own cooking will probably be aware of some level of fussiness too. A recent article posed a rather interesting question. If chefs are picky eaters, and kids are picky eaters, than just what happens to the tastes of a chef’s kids?

The answer to that question will probably surprise most people. It’s not quite a neat and tidy answer that can pigeonhole tastes. The article took a closer look at just what hits the spot for the children of some fantastic chefs. Perhaps the least surprising thing is that they tended to have a more descriptive way of talking about food. The children of artists can usually summon up a wide variety of terms to describe color when their peers only know a few. Likewise, the children of chefs seem to usually have a greater ability to differentiate minor variations in flavor. When Executive Chef Bryan Allen’s daughter talks about pancakes the enthusiasm is the same as any other child’s. At the same time, she’s talking about almond butter and lemon cream when most kids her age can just state whether they think something tastes good or not.

Another fact that might be surprising at first, but which becomes more normal when closely considered, is the nature of a parent’s specialty. People often assume that the children of a chef will love the particular item their mother or father is famous for. But as seen with the son of Ellen King, that’s often not that the case. King is a renowned baker and has produced some really amazing pastries. But overexposure to any food, even pastries, can take a toll on people. And instead of begging for his mom’s specialty he instead insists on going out for gelato.