What Made Guilherme Paulus An Influential Businessman In Brazil?

Guilherme Paulus co-founded CVC in 1972 at just 24 years of age. In 2018, after 46 years of activity, CVC is an internationally recognized brand and Latin America’s biggest tour operator. The company was founded alongside Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, Paulus’ business partner, who came with the idea to open a tourist agency in Sao Paulo. Cerchiari brought to the table the investment necessary to start the company, and Guilherme Paulus brought knack for entrepreneurship.

The company was sold in 2009 to Carlyle Group for $750 million, but Paulus retained 8% ownership. In 2013, CVC got listed on the stock exchange and their current annual revenue equals to $5.2 billion, and it’s continually increasing. They have a presence in almost every mall in Brazil and Paulus’ plan is to establish 100 new stores every year throughout Brazil, even in less populated cities in order to attract potential clientele. The current plan is to have 2,000 stores by the year 2020. They partnered up with Omni Channel in order to integrate the online aspect within the offline stores, Guilherme Paulus noting that they see online as a support for offline.

In addition to his work for CVC, Paulus also owns GJP Hotels and Resorts, which he founded in 2005 and currently operates more than 20 hotels and resorts. The brand has hotels in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Maceio, and Recife, and has over 5,000 employees. When talking about the current state of Brazilian tourism, Guilherme Paulus evaluates it as being well, as CVC transported 6 million tourists in 2017, and the number still has room to grow.

As a result of his work as a hotelier businessman, Guilherme Paulus earned the title Enterpreneur of the Year in 2017. He paid about $600 million out of pocket to build new hotels in Brazil, and this also had an impact on the economy, as it created jobs for approximately 1,900 Brazilians. He became one of the most influential businessmen in Brazil due to his work to improve tourism in the nation. Mr. Paulus has been for 15 years a member of the National Tourism Council.

About Guilherme Paulus: guilhermepaulus.com/