What are Prongles and How Did They Pop Up Overnight?

Last week, a hilarious photo of what seemed to be a Pringles chips knock-off began circulating the internet, and we all had questions. The can featured a very familiar design except was charmed with the logo of what appears to be an extreme sports pig. The bottom of the can states “Once you pop, thats great!”. At first glance, this product looks like a hilarious off-brand found in a discount store. So how did Prongles end up at Target like a totally normal snack? One sleuthing Target customer found the answers we needed featured on The Daily Dot.


This customer noticed that the can read on the receipt as “CAH Card game”. After further inspection he peeled the deceitful label and found another behind it named “The Good Crisp” Company. The address listed leads to the address for Cards Against Humanity, the card game brand infamous for their sly trickery and innuendos. On November 24th, the party game tweeted “Effective today, we are leaving the gaming industry. It’s time we focus on our real passion: revolutionizing snack food with our new brand, Original Prongles!” According to reports, this prank was two years in the making and was meant to launch on black Friday 2017. While it’s now clear this product was a joke, the chips have taken off for their twist on nostalgia and many twitter users are sharing pictures of their family enjoying the chips.


We also found an explanation for our extreme sports pig on the Prongles site, who’s name is Brayden and he was chosen because Cards Against Humanity claims wild hogs are the only animal that eats potatoes (another hoax, we checked!). Brayden also likes to eat Prongles with his best friend Justin Bieber (unconfirmed). If you want to join the Prongles party, visit originalprongles.com to vote for their new flavor or a chance to win $50,000, but don’t be surprised if these promotions don’t pan out quite as expected.