Waiakea Gets Customers Excited About Volcanic Water

Waiakea water is getting a lot of recognition and the staggering growth has much to do with the focus that is put on Hawaii and the volcanic filtering system that is currently in place. A lot of people are curious when they hear the phrase “volcanic water” so this creates a good buzz about this company.

PR Newswire said that Waiakea water is becoming quite popular even though it is not sold everywhere. Yet, there has been a 5,000 percent growth for this water in just 3 years.

That is almost unheard of because there are so many different types of bottled water out there. The water is sold in about 30 of the 50 states, but people can still order this online. That is certainly one reason that there are so many people that are able to access this brand. According to Forbes, It has been reported by Waiakea water founder Ryan Emmons that there are over 100,000 cases of this water being sold in a year. That is astounding when one considers the fact that advertising is limited and the water is not even available in every state right now.

The thing that has made this brand popular is the word-of-mouth appeal that is linked to this water. Many people do not have this type of water sold in their state, but they are hearing about it through social media. Other people are hearing about this company because it has become linked with such purified water through volcanic filtration. It has a crisp and sweet taste that is natural. This is certainly something that is different from all the other water brands that are out there. Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.ebeverageservice.com/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-water-500-ml-12-ct/

According to Specialty Food, the estimated value of the Waiakea water is about $10 million dollars right now. This is the brand that has just come on strong because it is not like all the other brands that are out there. It is something of a novelty. That is what has really allowed this brand to elevate much higher than the other brands that are just common place in stores. People look for this brand at parties and other type of functions because they know that they cannot find it everywhere. If this Waiakea brand is in a cooler people will try it just because they have never had the opportunity to try it before.

Hawaii has always sort of stood alone as a state of relaxation and wonder. It has never really been known for things like bottled drinking water. It has become the Hawaiian sensation that no one saw coming.

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