Vijay Eswaran: Executive Chairman of the QI Group

Business and entrepreneurship have been among the most viable ventures in the contemporary world. As such, many people have taken advantage of the diverse opportunities to establish successful business ventures. One such person is Vijay Eswaran. More about this shrewd businessman is revealed below.

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia. He is one of the most notable entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and authors in Malaysia. With a keen eye for business opportunities, Vijay Eswaran has founded multiple companies with interests in different sectors. His most successful company, the QI Group, operates in more than 30 nations. They have investments in real estate, hospitality, retail, education, and direct selling.

Educational Background and Early Career

The importance of education cannot be understated. Unlike most entrepreneurs who ignore the necessity of a good education, Vijay Eswaran understood the importance of education, which saw him sponsor himself to study Economics and Political Science in London. He worked odd jobs to provide for himself while still in college. This further reinforces his commitment and hard work.

After graduating with a degree in Economics, Vijay Eswaran went to the United States where he worked in corporate America shortly before going back to Asia in 1990. After that, he utilized his business acumen and established a direct selling platform which grew to become a global leader.

Challenges Encountered by Vijay in his Entrepreneurial Journey

Challenges are a part of life. They are the ones that make life worth living since people have to provide a solution to the challenges they face. Likewise, Vijay Eswaran has experienced numerous problems when he first ventured into business. For instance, one of the challenges that dodged him initially were insufficient funds to invest in his business. Furthermore, he did not have the moral support form close relatives as he started.

In conclusion, Vijay Eswaran has managed to rise to the top due to his resilience and hard work. Not only does he strive to make the QI Group profitable but also gives back to the community. His philanthropy has seen him start the RYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundations that support the less fortunate across Africa and Asia.