Use The Fagali Airport On Upolu To Enter American Samoa

There are two airlines that have flights in and out of the Fagali Airport, and they are Talofa Airways and Samoa Airways (recently purchased by Polynesian Airlines). Polynesian Airlines made its mark on this airport since it was purchased from the Samoan government, but the local customs agents are still there stamping passports of arriving foreigners. Keep in mind that the Fagali Airport abides by the rules of American Samoa, so make sure to have the proper documents upon arrival to avoid any delays.

Getting to Fagali is not difficult because the Samoa Airways has service from around the world on large Boeing planes, but to get to the island you need to board the small twin-engine DHC-6-300 Twin Otter aircraft that fits up to 10 passengers. Or board the Talofa Airways twin-engine de Havilland Canada DHC-8-100 aircraft that fits up to 9 passengers. Although these aircrafts look relatively small, they are very safe and fun to fly for some passengers. The service available at the Fagali Airport is to and from the Faleolo International Airport and Pago Pago on Samoa Airways. For Talofa Airways, the service is from Tongatapu and Pago Pago. The longest flight, which is Tongatapu, is 1:50 minutes and Pago Pago is a short jump taking only 30 minutes.

Apia is Samoa’s biggest city, mostly known for its surrounding rainforest teaming with exotic wildlife and exclusive watersports activities on the crystal clear ocean. Some activities include scuba diving and snorkeling, hiking in the mountains, visiting the local markets and souvenir shops, getting massages at the luxury spas, and touring the churches in the local villages. Some of the nearby hotels worth checking out are the Insel Fehmarn, Hotel Millenia, and the Sheraton resort.

This island has all amenities you would expect from a tropical destination, which includes cultural events, delicious restaurants, and ground transportation. Since the island is so small you could literally explore it by walking.

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