Unleash An Adventure With Lime Crime’s Line Of Diamond Crusher Lip Toppers

Lime Crime has become a name in the beauty industry that is synonymous with adventure. As part of this company’s continuing effort to meet the changing needs of their customers, they released a dazzling line of innovative lip toppers. Aptly named as Diamond Crushers, the products in this line resemble the glittering brilliance found in crushed diamonds. Available in an array of show-stopping colors, the reflective properties of these toppers actually give lips a holographic appearance. The shimmering effect of the Diamond Crusher line could be used to enhance another lip color or worn by itself to add pizzazz to any daytime or nighttime look.

The Diamond Crusher’s line of lip toppers from Lime Crime could not only be described as adventurous, but also as fun and imaginative. Their soft pastel hue of periwinkle blue labeled as the line’s Cloud 9, is the perfect touch to a look for the spring and summer months. This lip topper shade could be paired with eye shadows and brow highlighters in colors of sunny yellow, peach and rose. The line’s iridescent shade of cotton candy colored champagne labeled as Dope, could be used to enhance lips for a sultry summer night. This shade would add subtle tones of sensuality when paired with an exotic shade of bronze or gold eye shadow.

True adventurers could choose to highlight their lips with the Lime Crime shade of mint green. Known under the line’s label of Meadow, this playful shade could be used to coordinate other similar hues of green or blue. It is the perfect hue for any seafaring mistress or adventurous mermaid. The line of Diamond Crushers lip toppers also boasts several ideal shades for winter. Their duo-chrome color of maroon-blue is found under the label of Gemini while their mesmerizing shade of indigo black is found under the label of Black Unicorn.

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