Traveling Vineyard Offers an Opportunity for Guests to Explore the Diverse Possibilities of Every Wine Bottle

Traveling Vineyard started with a unique concept back in 2001. The firm’s idea was to give people a chance to try different wines and choose those that they like. That idea launched the company’s in-home wine tasting model. Since then, the firm has transformed hundreds of Wine Guides into fruitful work at home employment opportunities. The direct selling concepts adopted by the Traveling Vineyard allow workers to relax and taste free wine from the comfort of their homes.

What makes Traveling Vineyard Unique?

By streamlining the wine tasting process, Traveling Vineyard is optimistic that more individuals will have an opportunity to examine the potential every bottle possesses. The company’s Wine Guides are dedicated to bringing happiness via a relaxed home experience, which educates and elucidates wine. Traveling Vineyard aims at building friendships and unforgettable memories by reaching out to the community and sharing its love and unconditional passion. Its mission is to transform the way people view, taste, and buy wine.

Business Model

Traveling Vineyard has embraced a home-based business model, which allow its Guides to come up with their schedules, define their income, and choose their path. The company’s exceptional support, talented mentors, and online training equip the Guides on strategies for accomplishing their task. Traveling Vineyard’s enthusiasm, commitment, and love of wine guarantee their success and sense of contentment. The company belongs to the prestigious Direct Selling Association. It adheres to their rules and code of conducts.


Traveling Vineyard has the unparalleled professional expertise of searching, acquiring, and tasting wines from different parts of the world. Therefore, it can identify the ideal type of wine that suits the taste and preference of its clients. It has more than 98 percent guest satisfaction rating, indicating that its team of professionals commits their time and expertise to seeking and finding the perfect ingredients to produce and bottle unique Traveling Vineyard brands.

Philanthropic initiatives

Traveling Vineyards believes it has a responsibility to strengthen the community and change lives. Community service is one of its strongest core values. The firm encourages its Wine Guides to participate in community initiatives. It supports charitable organizations that aim at enhancing the quality of health as well as education.

Duties of Wine Guides

Wine Guides have pretty easy and enjoyable responsibilities. They work in close collaboration with hosts to orchestrate free and enjoyable in-home wine tastings. They assist the hosts in organizing the event and guiding the guest through the tasting process. When the event ends, the Wine Guides upload the orders of the guests on World HQ, and Traveling Vineyard completes the remaining part.



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