Traveling Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman Talks Benefits Of Working Abroad

The lifestyle of the perpetual traveler is one that has been both glorified in today’s culture and represented to be a reality out of the reach of the average person. And though the thought of living in exotic locations while still being able to provide support for oneself may for some seem far-fetched it is actually a quite reachable goal.


Glen Wakeman is a successful entrepreneur and businessman that has enjoyed the combining of work and global travel for some time now. During a 20-year career work with his old company, Wakeman worked in 32 countries and took up residence in six. Individuals searching for either inspiration or information pertaining to building a business or career while partaking in the many varied experiences the world has to offer need to look no further than the evaluations made by Glenn Wakeman.


Wakeman lists five ways that travel can bring enjoyment to the life of an individual.


Stress Reduction


Studies have conclusively demonstrated that even a mini-vacation can reduce stress levels for weeks at a time.


Enhanced Creativity


Monotony is a death sentence for creativity. Altering normal life routines forces the brains to connect in ways that it does not have the necessity to do otherwise.


Improved Social Skills


Separating oneself from a normal circle of friends causes interaction with a new set of people. This interaction with strangers improves the ability to interact socially.


New Language Spoken


Individuals living in a country where a language other than their native tongue is being spoken can find no faster way to become adept at a new language.


Increased Ability To Handle The Unexpected


Travel often times means facing circumstances that did not go as planned. Navigating these unexpected events causes an individual to become more able to do so in the future.


Finding Work Abroad


While Glen Wakeman admits that finding suitable employment overseas can sometimes be a challenge he explains that this is becoming less of an issue as time moves forward. Wakeman says that the gig economy that is changing the way work is perceived in many places is one avenue that a person can utilize online to fund their travel dreams.