Time and Money: Securus ConnectUs Saves Both

Recently, Securus unveiled a new form of digitized file-keeping called ConnectUs. The basic premise here directly involves complaint and grievance forms. On average, one inmate is going to file 13.8 complaint/grievance forms a month. Thats 165.6 a year. In a correctional facility with only 100 inmates, that comes out to 16,560 a year. In order to make the numbers easier, rounding this down to 16,000 forms at 5 minutes processing time (collection, notation, notification, travel, filing), that’s 80,000 minutes a year; or 1,333.3 man hours. This is a very conservative estimate. Now, if those man hours are each worth $20 (including benefits, etc.), that’s $26.6 thousand dollars a year wasted in paperwork. There are many other useful activities that could have been being conducted.

Securus ConnectUs is working to cut out those unnecessary minutes so that staffing can be consolidated, and wasted time eliminated. This will strengthen the attitude and stamina of infrastructural personnel, and it will also increase the morale of inmates. True recovery is about attitude; recidivism comes from a heart that–despite what its been through–refuses to change. It’s hard to change if everything seems like an impersonal, ineffective slough. When consolidated technology solutions save time, suddenly marginalized individuals can get the help they’ve needed all along, and those inmates who deserve different kind of rehabilitative measures can receive them more quickly.

The platform for Securus ConnectUs is simple and easy to customize. This automated complaints and grievances system has the potential to save millions across Securus’ 1,200,000 inmate spread, and given time will likely become a standardized mode of form collection and storage.

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