This Slurp Hard To Swallow: Banning Plastic Straws Becoming Popular

If you’ve been to the states of California and Florida, trying to get a plastic straw with your beverage is becoming a challenge. There are cities across the Sunshine State that have banned plastic straws, and California is trying to follow suit with an all-state ban by if the new bill survives in the legislature, says an item in Grub Street.

In the Golden State, waiters at sit-down eateries could face a $1,000 fine there if they provide a plastic straw to a patron without asking first.

What’s the big deal about plastic straws used to innocently sip beverages?

The plastic is bad for the planet when disposed of improperly at beaches and parks as animals on land and sea life can choke on pieces of the material. Straws also comprise most of the litter found along state beaches. Most people are unaware that the disposable straws cannot be recycled because of the unique plastic material they are made from.

Taiwan is an island nation that is known for its variety of on-the-go beverages, but the government there has made a key decision. If you plan to visit Taiwan, enjoy the straws there now because, in 2020, plastic straws will be outlawed. That means trying to drink popular bubble tea (boba) will become a bit challenging there. The beverage always comes with a wide, thick straw for slurping up the tapioca pearls (boba) signature to the tea.

Bubble tea is a food trend that is becoming quite popular in some parts of the United States, and vendors are worried about how the Taiwanese will solve the problem. One manufacturer is working on edible boba straws to go with the famous tea and will flavor the straws with Asian favorites like matcha.

Bubble tea is usually made with black tea as the base, but it can also be mixed with agave nectar, sugar, honey or milk. The tapioca balls are gummy-like spheres.