These Food Trends Have Definitely Made Their Mark In 2017

The year is only halfway over, and we’ve already been introduced to some pretty interesting food trends in 2017. Mystical creatures like unicorns and mermaids have been the inspiration for many of the trends, which means that the food from this year has been particularly colorful. There have also been a few trends that have provided a new spin on tried and true recipes.


It’s hard to tell what the remainder of the year will bring when it comes to food trends, but here are a few that have certainly made a huge impression.



Unicorn Lattes and Bagels


Unicorn lattes are actually caffeine free, but they’ve grabbed the attention of consumers because of its colorful appearance. The multi-hued beverage, made by The End in Brooklyn, consists of honey, lemon, milk and blue-green algae, with some rainbow sprinkles for even more color.


The unicorn bagel is made from yellow, pink and blue dough, and was made popular by New Jersey’s The Bagel Nook. The bagel is finished off with unicorn dust that actually sparkles and a dollop or two of cotton candy cream cheese.


Mermaid Toast


Adeline Waugh of Vibrant and Pure is the creator of Mermaid Toast. She admits that it’s not a practical dish, but it’s very pretty and would likely be impressive at small gatherings. Mermaid Toast is toasted bread spread with cream cheese that’s been dyed in blue and gray colors to resemble water. The toast is also topped with gold leaf to make it a little more whimsical.


Spaghetti Donuts


The spaghetti donut doesn’t boast a lot of shocking colors, but it is a delicious fried treat that’s been getting lots of attention this year. The dish is essentially spaghetti that has been deep-fried in the shape of a donut. Pasta Pop is responsible for this trend, and has successfully found a way to combine donuts and traditional spaghetti pie.


For more details on this year’s food trend, check out The Huffington Post.