The United States Of Hot Dog

One of the most popular foods around the world, is the hot dogs from the United States. It’s not strange to hear that different countries might have their own version of this famous food; in Japan and Korea, hot dogs are often made with wasabi teriyaki and kimchi. Or if you find yourself in Brazil, the hot dogs are often sold to you in a plastic bag, and then topped with mashed potatoes, canned peas and maize. But there are many individual cultures in various cities all around the states, and they love adding their own twist to the madness. The following list acknowledges some of the best hot dogs that the US has to offer.

In Arizona, hot dogs are placed in a bun, with sausage wrap strips of smoked bacon that are fried on the grill. Then you add slices of fresh tomato, onion, grated cheese, baked beans, chili sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard. Next you would put fries or baked chili pepper pods to top your dog.

California makes a lot of varieties of hot dogs. LA for example, prepares hot-dogs, where instead of bread rolls, a Mexican styled thin breading is used . They often put two sausages inside of it.

In Connecticut, the American national dish is often made with sauerkraut, onions and a pepper-based chili sauce.

Chicago hot dogs are very different from the traditional ones. Buns with poppy seeds in them, and sausages necessarily boiled or steamed. The difference in Chicago is that ketchup does not usually get put onto the hot dog. Instead it is seasoned with mustard, onions, Relish (marinated sliced vegetables, such as sauce, “relish”, marinated or pickled cucumbers and fresh tomatoes into large slices.

In Kansas, rolls with sausages are topped with flavored sauerkraut, and melted cheese.

In Maine, the preparation of the national American food is nothing special, except that the sausage is made in the natural edible shell which, as a rule, has a bright red color, so hot dogs here in the fisherman’s state is also called “red perch.”

In New Jersey, the hot dogs are often topped with stewed and fried potatoes. Also there popular so-called Italian hotdogs are something really special. They do not use buns, instead the bread is made from halves of rather large round rolls. It’s cut through the pock where they sit a folded sausage, which on top is put the potatoes as well as other Italian styled ingredients.

A distinctive feature of the hot dogs are Seattle toasted buns, Then you cut and bake on a grill your sausage, with the addition of roasted onions mayonnaise or cheese.

As you can see, the American HotDog is a national dish that is often diversified. All that goodness is topped off by simply adding to the hot dogs the usual side dishes – baked beans, fries or stewed potatoes, as well as vegetables – sauerkraut, sweet and hot peppers, pickles, various canned vegetable mixtures, or whatever else you enjoy on dogs in your side of town.