The U.S. Money Reserve shares its much-awaited gold forecast report

In the previous year, the financial markets have had a lot of ups and downs. This volatility has provoked a lot of concern from economists that the country might be headed for another economic recession. This just over a decade after the last economic recession that had devastating consequences across the market.

The U.S. Reserve has come out to share its much-awaited gold forecast report. This report is meant to help the public make informed decisions amid the uncertainty that has been created by the fears of another economic recession hitting soon.

Debt and deficit

The gold forecast report from the U.S. Money Reserve shed some light on the federal debt and deficit situation. According to the report, the statistic indicates that there is a $1 trillion deficit and a $22 trillion debt. Economists have been concerned that this huge federal debt deficit is a big contributor to the economic stagnation that has been witnessed in the country for the past few years.

The report warns that the rising federal debt and deficit is likely to have devastating consequences for the economy if left unchecked. This is given that this was one of the contributors to the 2008 economic recession yet at the time the federal debt was only $10 trillion.

Gold as a safe-heaven

The report also encouraged the public to distribute their wealth across platforms not because an economic recession is looming but because it’s the wise thing to do. The U.S. Reserve pointed out that the increased demand for gold in the global market have pulled it out of the slight price fluctuation it was facing in the year that’s ending. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | PR Newswire

The prices have now stabilized, and they will be for the foreseeable future according to this gold forecast report. The report also goes ahead to discourage the public from panic as this may lead to the making of costly financial mistakes despite at the moment the risk of an economic recession being low.

An overview of the U.S. Money Reserve

This company headed by the former U.S. Mint director Philip Diehl is the country’s largest supplier of precious metals. This are precious metals that have been issued by the government. Apart from distributing government-sponsored precious metals, this company founded in 2002 also puts great emphasis on educating the public on matters relating to finance.

Their education has helped a lot of people across the country make informed financial decisions that have seen them greatly prosper.

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