The Travel and Tourism Guru, Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is a self made Brazilian billionaire who has been ranked on the Forbes billionaires list. Paulus interned at IBM before he turned 20 years old. Just a few years later, Guilherme Paulus realized his dream of opening his own business in Brazil providing customers with tours. His vision was to provide worry free travel and service which soon earned him the ability to open more stores across Brazil. Focusing on service and worry free experiences, Paulus built an empire that boasts more than 3,000 rooms across Brazil and thousands of employees.

Paulus and his partner who was a Brazilian politician, opened CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. Building a business in Brazil was challenging due to the variety of permits and various restrictions but they worked through the challenges and were able to start business. Seizing upon the opportunities in the tourism sector in Brazil, providing excellent customer service, and focusing on growing his business has allowed Guilherme Paulus to go from opening a single store in 1972 to becoming Latin America’s largest tour operator. The company expanded each year under Paulus’s guidance due to the attention paid to providing the best service, accommodations, restaurants, and locations. Paulus’ company has three brands to appeal to luxury travelers, those who are seeking moderate pricing and caters to those who are budget conscious.

By 2005 Guilherme Paulus founded GJP Hotels and Resorts, controlling over a dozen hotels and resorts throughout Brazil. GJP bid in order to maintain and build it’s own hotels near airports around Brazil to increase it’s reach and profits with high expectations for the visitors to the country for the World Soccer Cup and the Summer Olympics. Near the end of 2009 the Carlyle group bought nearly a 64% stake in CVC for approximately $420 million dollars.

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