The Strength of Rocketship Education

Rocketship education schools are phenomenal. The children that are part of this school system are getting excellent grades, and the teaching staff is getting quite a bit of professional development. When these two things are coupled together there is something that people will agree on: they will realize that this is something that needs to expand.

Any time that people can see the growth in a school system where the children are learning in a spectacular way people are going to want to duplicate this. That is why the Rockeship School that started in California is slowly starting to expand throughout the United States. There are more schools in other areas, and this is a very good sign of all the possibilities that the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos talked about. She has talked about charter schools for a long time, and Rocketship tends to be one of the pillars of success when it comes to school systems for children from low-income communities.

The reason that these schools have been successful is that there are parents that are really dedicated to getting their children quality education. This is not a private school, but there is a higher level of accountability in place. This higher level of accountability plays a major part in

the reason that the students are there. They know that this is opportunity that is not given to everyone, and this fact alone is what makes the students try harder. They also know that there is someone that is waiting to take their place if they are not excelling in the school system so that also plays a big part in this.

Talent development is also huge in this school system. These are the things that people pay attention to inside of the charter schools like this. Parent involvement and personalized learning are also stepping stones to success with Rocketship. Parents are seeing all of these things that are coming forth with Rocketship Education and they are interested in getting their kids into these schools. It is a growing trend for unleashing potential that is growing across America.