The RealReal: Passion for Fashion and Inspiration From the Past

High-end name brand clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories are a delight to own and show off. When the time comes to move on to the next latest and greatest trend consumers can sell their gently used luxury items through an innovative consignment website and app called The RealReal. The innovative company buys and sells luxury items creating income for consigners and allowing buyers to get an amazing deal on high-end brand items they couldn’t normally afford.

The RealReal has a significant following on Instagram. Their posts feature high fashion and artsy photos. They cover everything from gorgeous jewelry like rhinestone dangling earrings to the ultra-modern Coco Chanel gear. Fans can turn to The RealReal’s for style inspiration. Users can head to their website to see newest additions and find a coveted item that they must have.

There is more to the company than simply fashion. They recently held a contest on Instagram in an effort to encourage viewers to go out and vote in their state’s election. The RealReal knows that with success comes responsibility. They used their social media platform to rally for all Americans to voice their opinions through voting.

Sometimes a fantastic quote can provide a lot of insight. The RealReal has channeled the famous words from famed designers like Alexander McQueen, Coco Chanel, and Donatella Versace. Their insight gained from many years of experience in work and life are always worth repeating and learning from. One thing is certain, The RealReal is a multifaceted company with a passion for fashion, real-life people, and an appreciation for the people that have come before us.