The OSI Group Wins Food Service Award

Eat Smart With OSI Food Solutions

Many people get their meat from the market or grocery store and never consider the contents because they presume food must be safe, if it’s being sold. OSI has allowed thousands of customers to become a part of their full disclosure by visiting their official website. They understood the importance of answering to a stabilized food network. The OSI Group is based in southern Illinois and the largest food service group in North America. Their assets are currently estimated to be at $67.5 billion dollars. Trust your diet to OSI and enjoy a quality diet today.

OSI Industries Business News

The European food group is an attractive industry that many big name food group leaders have set their sights on, but the OSI Group was the only network able to attract their business. Together, they have created a successful merger worth $7 million dollars. They will proudly run the largest food facility food network in the EU under the Flagship Europe deal. They will operate their food facility plant and manufacturer their food condiments and other meat products. OSI was also able to create a successful acquisition for the Dutch, Baho Food Group network.

Meet OSI Foods Team Executives

The food service industry plays an important role in keeping families fed worldwide. The strong team of professionals at OSI, get up every day knowing they must ensure food safety measures are met, customers are getting fed a safe diet, and it’s a variety of family-friendly meals. Their CEO, David McDonald says, it’s important for him to bring as many food service customers to the industry as possible alongside OSI COO, Sheldon Lavin. They have been able to increase their capital equity with their new business deals under their international ties.

If you’re interested in a diverse job opportunity, there are several opportunities for you to work at an entry-level or experienced food service level among their network. The OSI Group is an equal opportunity employer with a drug free work environment. Trust the next meal you feed your family to an OSI Group processed brand.