The Notable Achievements Of Troy McQuagge’s HOPE program

Troy McQuagge became President and CEO of USHEALTH Group in 2010. Creating the Helping Other People Everyday program was one of his first acts as leader. His intent in starting this project was to emphasize the need to support local communities. He wanted to change the priorities of the company so that it would begin to focus its attention on the difficulties and problems of ordinary people.

The HOPE program has been integrated into the structure and operations of USHEALTH. It is much more than a charity that works on behalf of the company. Through the HOPE project, employees at various levels of USHEALTH have formed partnerships and alliances with many community-based organizations.

This has led to some notable achievements.

In 2011, company leaders raised funds for The Crisis Nursery in Phoenix, Arizona so that it could buy shoes, baby formula, and other items. Members returned to the same city in 2012 and presented HOPEkids Arizona with a check for $25,000. This organization supports children with cancer and other serious illnesses, and it has helped many of them get the treatment they need while helping to reduce the financial burden on the loved ones who care for them.

HOPE has also partnered with a New Orleans-based organization to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. It participated in a large project dedicated to building safer homes for those still reeling from the wreckage wrought by that devastating storm. Read more reviews about Troy mcQuagge son at

The HOPE project has succeeded beyond the expectations of its founder. It is changing the very nature and culture of the company. Employees of USHEALTH have seen the HOPE program as a way for them to put some of their own ideas into action. Senior leaders are not the only ones raising funds, making connections, and organizing activities to help local communities. Individuals in all departments and positions are taking the initiative to both volunteer their time and talent for ongoing activities and to take charge of long-term projects.

Troy McQuagge son did not want the HOPE project to become a mere exercise in public relations. He wanted to make a real difference in people’s lives. He has done so, and communities throughout the nation are better off for it. Visit: