The Newest Instagram-Worthy Trend is Coming

When people go almost anywhere to eat or drink, one of the first things they do is snap a picture of what they purchased. That’s because people, especially millennials, are big on posting whatever they’re eating or drinking on social media. They want to show people that they’re trendy and in-the-know when it comes to certain foods and drinks. Companies are realizing this more and more every day. Many places are purposely coming up with as creative as dishes and drinks as they possibly can to appease this trend of photographing items for social media.

Many places are looking for that “Instagram-ability factor.” They want something that will gain attention from the masses and in turn get them to buy their products. Starbucks has been capitalizing off this trend forever. They’ve had many drinks that did well on Instagram such as the Zombie and Unicorn Frappucino. According to Eater, Starbucks has now released a Crystal Ball Frappuccino which is sure to immediately become the latest Instagram trend.

The drink will be available March 22 for a limited amount of time. The pictures of the drink are already turning heads. It will be a peach tea-based beverage with whipped cream, a white chocolate drizzle, turquoise sparkles, and a candy topping.

Many are saying that this drink looks exactly like the Unicorn Frappucino which was around last year. It’s true but Starbucks is smart to try and come out with a similar drink. The Unicorn Frappucino became a crazy trend last year and many baristas weren’t prepared to keep up with the demand. Luckily this time around, Starbucks hopefully knows what to expect.

The drink itself does look pretty in pictures and definitely is worthy of being on Instagram. It’s hard to say what it will look like when it actually rolls out. It all comes down to the individual Starbucks location and barista to create a drink that’s picture perfect.