The New Toast

For years, toast bread has served as a traditional breakfast food. White, wheat, or rye with some topping, was the perfect partner for eggs or other breakfast favorites. But, with an increase in gluten allergies and low or no-carb diets, toast has become less popular. That is, until the new trend in toast!

The New Toast
Social media and food blogs are buzzing about the new Sweet Potato Toast. This unique trend is growing in popularity because sweet potatoes are gluten free and a great source of fiber and vitamins. Toasting is also an easy way to prepare them. But maybe the best part is the flexibility they provide.

Sweet Potato Toast for any Meal
You can still serve sweet potato toast as a breakfast side, with poached eggs for example. You can also try topping it with tuna or chicken salad to make a light lunch or dinner. If you have a sweet tooth, you can even spread it with cashew butter or honey for a healthy snack. You are really only limited by your own tastes and creativity.

Sweet Potato Toast Recipes
You can find a wide variety of sweet potato toast recipes but they all have the following steps in common:

• Scrub the sweet potato skin
• Cut into equal size, flat slices
• Microwave on full power for three minutes
• Toast on a high setting until tender

You can also bake your sweet potato toast in a toaster oven at 450 degrees for about twenty minutes. Regardless of the preparation, you can customize your potatoes to fit your tastes. So start toasting and enjoy!