The making of rally champion Michel Terpins.

Rallying in Brazil has become one of the country’s most followed sports. The sport has drawn a huge following due to its ability to attract diverse competitors in every new edition of the competitions that are organized every year. The drivers have also been able to hype up the sport and draw a lot of interest to it. The ability of the circuit organizes to move the competition to various states has also been seen as a factor in the rise in this new found interest. Drivers are now culture icons in the country and its no surprise to see them interacting with there fans after and before major competitions just to get a feel for what their expectations are. One of the most followed teams at the moment in Brazil is the Bull Sertões Rally Team this was a team that was initially started by brothers Michel Terpins and Rodrigo Terpins. The team would grow over the years to become fully fledged and is now involved in almost all competitive rallies in the country.

The Bull Sertões Rally Team has been able to attract various sponsors with each bringing onboard different aspects. This may range from financial, publicity as well as technical capabilities. The team works with MEM developers who are the team’s official car developer. They have over the years improved the T-Rex which is the official Bull Sertões Rally Team competing vehicle. This consistency of vehicle has been of strong point of the Bull Sertões Rally Team as Michel Terpins points out. By retaining the T-Rex, MEM has been able to assess it after every competition and together with driver and navigator recommend the improvements that need to be factored in before the next race. These improvements over the years especially following any participation in the Sertões Rally by the team have ensured that the car is now one of the most formidable competing machines in the T1 prototype category.

In future, the Bull Sertões Rally Team led by driver Michel terpins hopes to improve on their performance following there 5th standing in the 24th edition of the Sertões Rally despite the numerous challenges.