The Latest Trend in Drinks is Here Just in Time for Spring & Summer

Spring is here and summer is coming. With that, comes a whole new slew of trends especially from mainstream chains and restaurants. No longer are consumers wanting to try the newest food items, they’re turning their attention to the drinks. Many restaurants and fast food joints figure that when the weather heats up, people want to cool down with a beverage. Since all of these places are thinking the same, they need to do something to stand apart. That’s why this season is focused on the trend of unique, bold, and wild drinks.

There are three chains that are turning heads with their new releases of unique drinks. First up is Starbucks who has always been one to get creative when it comes to their beverages. They go for beauty. Starbucks wants drinks that people will post all over social media. It started with the Unicorn Frappuccino and it hasn’t stopped since. Now, they’re releasing a Crystal Ball Frappucino which is a peach-flavored marbled drink that has whipped cream and rock candy.

According to GrubStreet, Sonic is also getting in on this trend. They’ve long been known for their beverages which include shakes, slushies, floats, and more. They made a bold move and announced the addition of pickle slushies. Anyone who wants to can get a shot of pickle juice added to a slushie. Whether you think it’s disgusting or delicious, it was a good idea. This drink is already getting people to talk on social media.

Finally, Taco Bell has joined the trend of creative drinks. This is not surprising, however. They have always come out with new sugary drinks that are typically based off some sort of popular candy. Their newest drink is a Skittle slushie. The bright red color just screams warmer days ahead. While not as bold of a drink choice as the others, it’s still something that will most likely gain a small cult following especially among fans of Skittles.