The Kitchen Can Be a Cool Place During Summer Heat

Every season has a unique feel to it. But there’s something about summer that just brings a smile to most people’s faces. The one person often left out of that experience is whoever’s making meals. Being out in the sun is great. Being next to a hot stove during a hot season is far less enticing. Thankfully a recent article offers up a lot of tips and tricks which can help people enjoy both the summer and summer cooking.

The article goes over quite a few different recipes and idea. There’s one unifying theme running throughout though. And it’s something that can easily be kept in mind when brainstorming one’s own ideas. The thread running through everything is that cooking needs to be kept to an absolute minimum. This shouldn’t be thought of as restrive though. One might remember that there’s quite a long history of foods which needed to be made in less than ideal situations. Meals designed to be made in a hurry in ancient times can be a fast and enjoyable experience when done with today’s labor saving devices.

And of course there’s also some old favorites from home. The article’s highlight is the humble, but always beloved, sandwich. It’s not often thought of as a summer food. Nor is it really thought of as winter fare. The amazing thing about sandwiches is that they’re easy to tailor to any climate or occasion. During summer times the focus should be on cooling people down. Both the person making the sandwiches and the person eating them should feel refreshed from the experience. One should be sure to use colder condiments and meat bases.

The article puts forward roast beef and tuna as the primary suggestion. But almost anything should be great. At least as long as it’s chilled. To go along with that the article recommends cold condiments. Chilled dill pickles are a classic choice. The article also suggest mayo as a way of creating a nice chilled layer.

The article also suggests items that are classically served cold, even outside of summer. The highlight being a watermelon heavy twist on gazpacho soup. This item in particular should be taken as a good example of putting one’s own cultural twist on classics from other areas. The most important thing is to have fun and stay cool.