The Innovator, Dr. Mark Mofid

In there is an innovator in the cosmetic field that has really made a name for himself and changed the way certain procedures are done. Dr. Mark Mofid has made implants safer in the San Diego area with his office in La Jolla through extensive research and working very closely with top rated cosmetic surgeons. He was trained at 2 different colleges that are highly regarded. One is Harvard Medical University and the other was Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Mark Mofid is well know and respected in his field.

Many people have heard from the public, news and articles about the rarely mentioned gluteal augmentation. Nothing good was to be said about this procedure a few years ago. There were many malpractices and some medical accidents that were going around the media that were unfortunately true. Nonetheless this has left a bad taste in the public’s eyes and left a memory in some people. Dr. Mark Mofid changed all of this just by putting safety over money. Word spread around quick on the knowledge of this Cosmetic Surgeon and how even though some wanted larger implants and were willing to pay more for them, he would not accept it if he saw that the science of the surgery was unsafe.

The many ways that Dr. Mark Mofid learned the details and the science of the safe way to do the gluteal augmentation is he has learned and understands in depth the skin, fat, and muscle systems and how they work. He has also spent over 8 years of studies and never followed the crowd. He has reinvented the whole industry working closely with Dr. Raul Gonzalez from Brazil on case studies going back to 1984. Medical Spa MD has also interviewed him and confirms his knowledge in the field.

In 2012, the statistics showed there were about 1000 gluteal augmentations done in the US and in Brazil there was over 20,000. The numbers are rising as the US catches up since Dr. Mark Mofid has proven the procedure safe and continues to set the bar by knowledge and exploring.