The Incredible Business and Wellness Benefits of Organo Gold

A personal care product, Nutraceutical, and beverage company, with a focus on the detoxifying, healing, and wellness properties of Ganoderma Luciderma, Organo Gold is changing the way people look at their morning beverages and nutraceutical sales in general. Commonly known as Red Reishi mushrooms, Ganoderma Luciderma, is known for assisting in hormone balance, its body detoxifying effects, and allowing for increased liver function, as well as working to diminish tumor and cancer growth. The herbal supplement also adds a rich, bold flavor to Organo Gold’s teas, coffees, and drink additives. Organo gold makes use of Ganoderma’s amazing abilities to produce a multitude of products committed to promoting wellness and enhancing day to day life. Shop now at

Ganoderma Luciderma is what’s known as an adaptogen. Adaptogens naturally work to lower stress levels, and help both body and mind process a multitude of varying pressures. With their host of different products, Organo Gold, makes the adaptogen one of the main ingredients and focuses of their beverages, and drink mixes. The Company has an entire line of the mixes, formulated with Ganoderma and other natural additives for select jobs, as well as green and red teas enhanced with the incredible health promoting effects. Organo Gold’s real draw is their line of Ganoderma infused coffees, however, which includes the Arabian flavored King of Coffee, as well as the company’s own variation of classic Black, their Café lines of Mocha and Latte flavored java, and their latest Supreme Ganoderma enhanced coffee. Visit to know more.

Organo Gold as a company is a strong promoter of loyalty and allegiance to both their customers and the brand’s ‘OG’ Distributors. The family dynamic endorsed by Organo Gold allows their distributors to work alongside, and in support of one another, and lets them to focus less on competition within the ranks, and more on providing customers with delicious Ganoderma luciderma infused beverages and other products. If you’re interested in becoming either a distributor or customer of Organo Gold, be sure to visit the company’s website at or the Organo Gold Youtube channel available at