The Future of Anesthesiology & How Austin’s CAA Is Reshaping the Landscape

Capital Anesthesiology Association is simply one of the best independent practices that specializes in anesthesia services. The organization has grown dramatically throughout the years since it’s inception back in 1973. Today it is known as a powerhouse and it’s well respected across the board. Some of the finest of medical staff grace the halls of this clinical utopia on a daily basis. Everyone works together for the great good of society, which makes it one of the most productive and efficient institutions in the world. CAA uses it’s huge network of medical facilities to be become much more progressive and it is this way of thinking that has separated it from the pack.

The highest quality of procedures with the most technologically advanced instruments are being used here to save lives and treat illnesses. Having up to 130 certified registered nurses and up to 80 physicians doesn’t hurt as well. This has made CAA into one of the biggest independent practices for clinical staff that specializes in anesthesiology in the country. Whether it’s for ambulatory surgical centers, high acuity hospitals, or for level one trauma centers, patients will receive the very best in medical care.

Capital Anesthesiology Association is at the apex of the industry because it is raising the bar even higher than before, setting newer trends, and it’s changing the current status quo for the better.