The Factors that Have Led To Growth and Expansion of Fabletics.

Fabletics has attained 200 percent growth in its operation since it was established in 2013.The main factors behind the growth and expansion are the ability to employ various technique in attracting and retaining the customers. It has been found that customers rely on the online reviews of any firm when choosing the companies to do their shopping. Many positive reviews which have been posted in its website aids in attracting customers to shop from the company. The positive reviews are posted by the customers who have used the brands from the company. The goods and services from the company are suited to satisfy the needs of the consumer. The positive online reviews about the company are fundamental in building trust and loyalty with the customers. The reviews are also important tools in overcoming the market competition.

Notably, 80 percent of the clients visit the website of any company to choose the best market to acquire goods and services. Most of the companies apply the technique of positive online reviews to attack and retain clients. The customers shop mostly from a firm with many positive online reviews from the consumers. The technique has been employed by Fabletics to increase the number of customers who shop from the company. Consequently, many customers have trusted the brands from the company. The online reviews are also used to determine the how many times customers shop from a particular company. Moreover, the online reviews enable the customers to compare the prices of various products from different companies. Search engine normally ranks the companies based on the number of reviews that a company has received. Many positive online reviews attract many customers hence the sales of the company will increase. High-quality products from Fabletics enable the company to earn many positive reviews.

Kate Hudson is an artist and business person who has contributed largely to the growth of Fabletics Company. She has vast skills and experience in social media and design. The company depends on her skills for the design and marketing of the brands. She is also involved in determining the market trends from the weekly sales. Kate works with passion and enjoys the brands from the company. The passion and the love for the brands ensure that the company produces high-quality brands which satisfy consumers. The company aims at reaching $250 million worth by the end of 2017.Currently, the company supplies its brands to more than 1.2 million consumers.

Fabletics and TechStyle Fashion Group merged to improve its productivity in the market. TechStyle Fashion Group has gained a lot of skills in online services. The experience will assist the Fabletics in cutting the money that is typically used on Facebook and other online market services. Kate likes working on her art career as well on her business work the clients should always take Lifestyle Quiz to guide them on the type of Fabletics that suits their desires. The Lifestyle Quiz is advisable since it will enable the consumers to purchase the brands that suit their preferences and health factors.