The Dream Of A Better Future Drives Qi Group’s India Business Superstar Vijay Eswaran

The direct sales executive and founder of the QI Group Vijay Eswaran has always been looking to build a better future for the millions of people who purchase the products from his company.

As the founder of the QI Group, Vijay Eswaran has built a company that he first envisioned while working as a cab driver in the U.K. as he toured the world looking for a better future for both himself and the people of the world; after forming the QI Group in 1998 with his partners, Vijay set out to develop a company that has become a leader in providing healthy lifestyle products and giving back to the community. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

As a philanthropist, Vijay Eswaran has battled hard to make sure the QI group reflects his own ideals in protecting the future of the planet and the communities taking part in the growth of the QI Group. Eswaran has been instrumental in the development of the RYTHM Foundations operated by the QI Group that looks to create a better life by assisting groups looking to help children achieve their best possible education and those seeking to protect the environment.

According to Qbuzz, Vijay Eswaran believes mentoring young people can be a great way of bringing about a positive change in their lives across the 21st century and has established a number of programs assisting children across Asia to build a better future. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

The QI Group itself has also begun a major development that is designed to bring about a new community in the Malaysian state of Perak where the Quest International University. A teaching hospital will be the centerpiece of the Quest International University Perak that will eventually contain an event center and a number of condominiums that will help provide a better future for the people of Perak.

The initial development of the university followed the belief of Vijay Eswaran that education is the key to building a better future for the children of Malaysia and the world as a whole; the university itself also reflects the environmentalism ideals of Vijay Eswaran by promoting nutritional green energy programs that can make a major change to the future of the world.