The Cookie Dough Cake Takes the Trend to a Whole New Level

Eggless globs of edible cookie dough crammed inside cutely packaged tubs became a huge thing last year. We have now slightly moved on and started to get creative with our cookie dough lovin’ selves and birthed no-bake chocolate coated squares, ice cream cones topped with dough, waffle pretzel sandwiches and now cake. The ultimate chocolate chip cookie dough cake is basically layers of madness and it is very easy to make. It’s a classic two-layered vanilla cake sandwiched between layers of raw edible cookie dough. The sides of the cake are drizzled with deliciously rich ganache and adorned with mini chocolate chips. You can also cover the entire cake with edible cookie dough and use it an alternative to frosting if you dare! The ultimate cookie dough cake’s top is decorated with a fence of baked chocolate chip cookies cut in half and placed along its edge.

Check out the recipe, the dessert can feed approximately 12 to 14 people. Besides the lack of eggs, raw edible cookie dough is safe to eat because of its special use of heat-treated flour. This lessens the risks of any foodborne illnesses and ensures it’ll be a hundred percent safe to serve. Some companies manufacture its edible raw cookie dough with pasteurized eggs and flour, this process is known to eliminate salmonella and E. coli altogether. This year the popular treat reached the shores of New Jersey and will be available to all at a new shop called Just Dough It. The chic shop sits right on the boardwalk of Point Pleasant, NJ, with many different flavors of cookie dough and extra toppings to choose from.