The Career of Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna has had a long career in which he has had success in medicine, real estate investing and entrepreneurship. When he first began his career, he worked as physician. While he was a physician, he looked to get involved in other fields particularly real estate. Dr. Mark McKenna spent many years investing in property and building wealth. Once the real estate market crashed, Mark would move on to pursue entrepreneurship where he started up a company that specializes in medical aesthetics. Throughout his career, Mark has been able to follow a few keys to success such as hiring competent people around you and also getting up early and learning about your field. These things have allowed Mark to have a very successful career to this day.

Prior to beginning his career in medicine and entrepreneurship, Dr. Mark McKenna attended collage in order to prepare for his career. He would complete a bachelor’s degree and then move on to attend medical school. During medical school, Mark would take courses on human anatomy, microbiology and in clinical practice. This would allow him to prepare for his career as a physician. Once he completed medical school, Mark then passed the medical board exams and was then able to begin his residency. After a few years learning medical practice on the job, he would then become a practicing physician.

Once he was able to practice independently, Dr. Mark McKenna would work as a physician with his father. This allowed him to treat patients and get some experience in the field. Practicing as a physician was a very rewarding experience for Mark as he was able to help a number of people overcome their health problems. However, he looked to get involved in other fields and pursue some of his other passions outside of medicine.

After working as a physician, Dr. Mark McKenna got involved in real estate where he would invest in properties. He would also develop and manage properties and make a considerable amount of profits. Mark would also participate in real estate finance where he would help people finance a number of homes and buildings. Real estate was a very lucrative venture for Mark. However he would move on to start up his own medical aesthetics company. This business specialized in providing a number of products that would help people rehabilitate and treat various physical conditions such as injuries. As an entrepreneur, Mark has been able to establish himself as one of the most versatile businesspeople around.