The Big Food Trend Continues

As Americans, the majority of us try to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Whole, unprocessed and health-conscious food concepts seem to be popping up all over, and people overall are becoming more educated on the right things to eat to live your best life. And then there are places, like Olive Garden, that stand up to those foodies and say, “Hey! What about a huge edible bowl of meatballs?”

As a destination known for indulgent, cheesy dishes, the meatball stuffed ‘pizza bowl’ should not come as a surprise to the average Olive Garden patron. Once upon at time, Olive Garden did offer a pizza option, and it has made its return in the form of a three-dimensional edible bowl filled with sauce, cheese and their famous meatballs. Much to the delight of Olive Garden lovers everywhere, this bowl is made of their breadstick dough, which can be torn off and used to scoop out the goodness. They already offer sandwiches served on a slightly enlarged version of their classic breadsticks, so carb lovers out there have reason to celebrate! Naturally, this behemoth comes with endless salad (and breadsticks!) to balance things out.

You can find this $9 offering on the menu in a slightly more modest size for the more petite eater, and also as an option on their Lunch Duos menu, in case you needed a reason to nap at your desk when you get back to work! We aren’t knocking Olive Garden’s choices, though! Cheat Day keeps us all on the right track, and if a pizza that you can dunk your whole face into is what you’re after, Olive Garden has you covered!