The All American Hot Dog Is Still A Fan Favorite

Whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter, the favorite food of most people on the go is still the All American hot dog. This tasty treat is at home in the kitchen, back yard cook out, the ball park, amusement park, on from the street vendors. Restaurants are specializing in the many varieties of ways to serve this dandy food. It can be called the most versatile meal available today. It can be eaten all by itself, just the meat and a roll, or it can be dressed up in more than a hundred different ways. Some states, like New York, and cities like Chicago, have become famous for the hot dog.

People have their preferences of places where they claim to find the best hot dogs around. Everyone has different tastes. New York is one of the hot dog capitals in the country. The people behind the counters, and serving facilities, can make you a hot dog that will surpass any that you have ever had before. Some people like them basic, with not much added to it. Then, there are many people who like their hot dog covered with everything except the kitchen sink. Any topping will satisfy the pallet of a tru hot dog enthusiast. Your text to link… Hot dogs are not served plain any more.

Restaurants specializing in hot dogs, like Katz, bring their flavors to the entire nation. They are located in many cities, but their recipes are virtually the same. they can serve a New York, or Chicago hot dog at any place in the country. They are often served plain at the ball parks, and are still bursting with flavor. Watching a baseball game at a stadium would not be the same if there were no hot dogs sold. Children especially love hot dogs with just ketchup. Nothing pleases them more at cook outs than the round meat on a bun with the red stuff on top.