Ted Bauman Warns Investors About The Future

Ted Bauman is a respected analyst and writer for Banyan Hill Publishing. He began working for the online publication in 2013. He writes three newsletters for the publication. These newsletters prepare, educate and warn investors about the future with many different types of investment. The financial specialist writes on low risk investment strategies, international issues, migration issues, asset protection, data security and stocks. His expertise has caused him to become a go to specialist investment advice.

In the media, there are talks about additional taxes and interest rates being placed on countries like China. People view this different. Some are for more taxation on certain countries as this would bring in more revenue for the United States. Others like Ted Bauman see things differently. Those on the opposing side of hitting China with higher interests rates worry of a possible trade war between China and the United States.

To understand why there would be issues with placing more special interest rates on China, one must first understand how important China is to the U.S. economy. Here’s How The Bull Market Dies. Since the 1980s, many American companies have been moving operations overseas to China. China offers less expense with manufacturing than the U.S. Additionally, labor costs less over there than in the States. If China were to experience higher rates by the U.S., companies who have created relationships with companies and workers in China could potentially be ending. Ted Bauman warns investors through his newsletters of possible business relationships that could come to an end or at least can a bit uncomfortable due to these possible increasing rates.

Some people may enjoy knowing the United States is set to receive more money of these special interest rates are put in place. Many people for decades have wanted manufacturing and industrial jobs to return to the States. Idealistically, that would be great but what about all of the other possible situations that could happen due to China being forced to pay more money when working with U.S. based companies. Ted Bauman guides investors down a road to protect themselves if these rates actually end up happening through his writings.