Ted Bauman: Commone Sense to Protecting Wealth

Ted Bauman was born in the United States and has spent his life traveling to different countries building a solid work record for himself. He started his work life as many young people do. He worked in the fast food industry and at gas stations. He learned the value of hard work and experienced what it was like to be a worker in the lower jobs within society. He experienced times where his superiors at work criticized his performance. Working in these jobs helped him to appreciate the individuals in the working class and he would grow up to believe that in order for a society to be great, it would have to look out for the poor, as well as the rich.

Ted Bauman traveled to South Africa and earned degrees in History and Economics while in the country. He traveled to the Caribbean and did work for Habitat for Humanity. During his time with Habitat for Humanity, he helped to start Slum Dwellers International, which is currently in operation and helps people in numerous countries. He spent twenty-five years in South Africa taking on management positions in the nonprofit area.

Later he returned to the United States and took a position as a writer and editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. His work has been received all over the world and the United Nations has even hired him to do research. He publishes the Bauman letter and in a recent blog for his readers, he wrote about simple strategies a person can take to safeguard their assets from a disaster. He wrote the letter after a relative of his had passed away and he wrote how his relative had stored many assets at home and away from a bank.

Ted Bauman mentioned how his relative failed to have a safety box at his house and that it would have been easy for a robber to break in and steal the relative’s assets. He did think that his relative was wise for keeping some of their wealth outside the banking system. Ted Bauman felt it necessary that a person store a small portion of their assets at home in a fireproof safe.