Tasty 4th Of July Meal Ideas

There’s nothing like celebrating the 4th of July with friends, family, and delicious food. There are numerous recipe ideas that you can prepare, but try to stay as creative and festive as possible to bring a bit of patriotism to the celebration. Nothing says a cookout like a juicy hamburger. Pile a mustard and honey glazed burger with grilled mushrooms and swiss cheese for a delectable meal that will leave you wanting more. This is a recipe idea if you’re planning on celebrating in the afternoon so that guests will have a meal instead of just finger foods.


Another idea for a tasty meal is grilled pork tenderloin that is coated in brown sugar and a few other spices along with grilled corn on the cob. All you need is a fresh salad to complete this delicious meal that you can serve for lunch or dinner. If you don’t want to prepare one thing for your guests, then consider setting up a hamburger buffet. Put the meat at one end of the table with bowls and plates of toppings down the middle. You can also include side items, such as chips or desserts, that will make it easier for guests to enjoy what they want instead of feeling like they have to eat what you prepare. A light side item that goes well with just about any dish is a bowl of hushpuppies. They are best served with some kind of fish, but with the right spices, you could get by with serving them with hamburgers or any kind of meat. Jalapeno gives them a kick that blends well with the sparks from the fireworks of the holiday.