Talkspace Makes Therapy More Available

Talkspace is revolutionizing the way that people get therapy. It is a unique and modern way to get the help that you need despite how much time you have to spare to talk to a therapist. It’s a great way to get help on the go, and you can talk or text depending on what you are more comfortable with doing.

Oren Frank, CEO of Talkspace, talked about his temporary break up with his wife, Roni, at a clinical conference. He talked about how couples therapy helped them to mend it relationship, and because of it, they are now together again. It was then that they really embraced the concept of therapy and found its true value. They also saw firsthand how it could really change the lives of people who may be struggling and who simply need to talk about what is bothering them in order to work through it and conquer their problems. Read more about Talkspace at

They decided that they wanted to make therapy more available to more people. It was apparent that therapy was too expensive and often inconvenient for most people to be able to access it. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not get the help that they need because of those reasons.

Talkspace is for anyone who feels that they simply need to talk to someone and they don’t need insurance or to have to book an appointment to go see a therapist. They also don’t have to dig into their saving account or find some way to pay for an expensive session. Oren Frank and his wife believe in therapy, and they created Talkspace to help others to see the value in it as well. It is meant to help therapists to do their job and is not intended to replace more traditional therapy options. Learn more: