Talkspace and The Essential Solutions It Offers For Companies’ Mental Health Issues

Mental illness is still a stigmatized problem even in the United States where there’s a large slice of people who are already supposed to be more aware of modern-day problems. Despite the fact that the National Institute of Mental Health has already painted a troublesome picture of the state of mental health in the country, mental health is still a touchy topic. However, companies right now already see the degree, scope and damage of such issue. If these companies forgo addressing the issue, it might be costly to their bottom line. Treatments are already available for all these mental health problems, but there has to be an active commitment both for the employees suffering from depression and the employers. This is also the reason why employers acquire the assistance of service providers like Talkspace to sort all the details out.

Talkspace is a popular therapy app that assists employees with all their mental health issues and gives them the licensed, approved and legitimate psychiatrists who can prescribe them with the right medications. It is also an outstanding company that offers the most practical and less-risky interventions to help completely eradicate the factors that contribute to mental health issues in the workplace. With troubling data from government units stating that only half of the people diagnosed with depression get treatment, the assistance of Talkspace is more than just a supplement help.

Working with Talkspace is also rewarding. We can read from Glassdoor some of the inspiring reviews that employees of Talkspace have given about the firm. Beautiful building, impressive business structure, warm organic but professional vibe in the company are just some of the impressive PROs that employees have described about the firm. Right now, there are also many business opportunities for job seekers from Talkspace. The company is looking for a clinical network intern, lead iOS engineer and a product designer today.