Talk Fusion and Bob Reina

Video technology has completely changed the way that people can converse with one another whether it be for personal use or for business. Connecting various people all over the world is now done with ease thanks to companies such as Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is enthusiastic about the new technology that has become available to use and they are sharing information and developments with others thanks to the CEO of the company, Bob Reina. Reina and his team pride themselves on staying up to date on current technological trends while continuously developing and building upon their current video technology trends. Reina has brought over twenty years of marketing and management experience to his job at Talk Fusion and as a pioneer in his field, Reina has grown from the bottom up to what it is today.


The World of Video Communication

What was once just a basic video email client back in 2007, Talk Fusion has become something that is much bigger and more impressive. CONNECT is a video communication software that allows for live video chat amongst users but can also be used for live video meetings, video newsletter communications and conferencing software. Taking the communication world by storm, Talk Fusion has become the bar when it comes to video communication.


The Team Of Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has a skilled team of employees that bring a lot of experience and professionalism to the table. Industry professionals from all walks of life have made this company as successful as it is today thanks to experience from the fields of video technology, communication, design, marketing, graphics and much more. People have the option of communicating in a way they never could before thanks to Talk Fusion and Reina.


Bob Reina has been involved in his community for many years when it comes to charitable organizations and especially animals. Reina’s community service accomplishments have been recognized many times by his city and it is this kind of compassion, care and focus that has made Talk Fusion as successful as it is. It is projected that this success will carry on for many more years to come as well. Learn more:

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