Swimming with the Sharks Has Made Lee May the Alpha Male

South East London is the stage, and Lee May is unafraid to play director, leading actor and behind the scenes. When the world talks of ambitious men, it has often let the word down. Ambition and May described in the same sentence create enough power to light South of England. How else would one describe a young man that worked as an extra laborer at construction sites, went ahead to study bricklaying, laid bricks for others, started his own bricklaying company, fell in love with real estate, became a developer and a landlord of his right?


In the Shark Tank


Real estate is not for the weak; it is a race where only the strong-willed find the finish line. Lee May is among the select few. He is a developer and a landowner. He gets his fix from building property from the ground up and turning it to residential or commercial properties worth the effort. Lee May is also an entrepreneur who thrives in selling his creative works to the highest bidder. His name is enough to cause ripples in the real estate and may be the reason he is also a sought ought advisor by construction companies as big as Beamridge. His paths in life may never have spelled success in the sunrise years, but the world surprises us each day. At Beamridge, his academic qualifications may not hold much weight, but nothing beats experience. Lee May has bucket loads of it, and his insight is worth pots of gold.


His Philanthropy


When successful men give money to the poor, they do well. When successful men become hope, inspiration, and mentors to the less fortunate, they do even better. Lee May has succeeded in both. He is charitable to the poor in his community and is paying the world forward with lessons learned along the way to the youth. He mentors the young generation primarily in the sports categories, who seem to hold a special place in his heart.


More about Lee


He believes that while his hometown still needs the works of his intellect, he is expanding his horizons to foreign markets. Currently, he has his eye set on Canada and Hong Kong, and nothing will stop him. His expertise in the construction industry spans two decades, and he has nothing but success to show for it.