Sweet Potato Toast

The modest sweet potato has taken center stage as the latest trend in the food industry. Far from the fluffy marshmallow-topped Thanksgiving standard, this new rendition offers a healthier twist for the tuber. Cut each one lengthwise into ¼” thick slices, and you have toast ready for toppings.

Following the Food Network’s guidelines for cooking, It couldn’t be easier. After you scrub and slice the potatoes, pierce the slices. This allows moisture to escape and helps them crisp. From there, you microwave the slices a minute and a half on each side to improve toasting time. Finally, toast in a toaster oven or broiler for approximately 10 minutes a side.

Once you’ve completed the process, you have a guest-worthy treat that can be dressed up with just about any topping. Lending to the sweetness of the potato, you could top with jam. Serve them at your next cocktail party on a table filled with a variety of toppings from salads and avocados to toasted nuts. It’s sure to be a hit.

This is definitely the healthy kind of carb that folks can enjoy without guilt. Among other nutritional benefits, each potato is loaded with vitamin A. That’s good news for your immune system, bones, skin, and vision. Even with the extra toppings, such as chicken salad, folks can’t go too far wrong. The slices are just the right single-serving size to fill you up before you overindulge.

Maybe you could put a calligraphy-style posting on the table with the snacks letting your friends know a little about the sweet potato’s health benefits. It will improve their dining experience that much more. No need to go into too much detail, but a colorful side note could add to the table’s charm. It’s a new season for sweet potatoes.