Susan McGalla is a Proof That Women are Equals to Men on Management

The Leadership had been assumed as a preserve of men, but Susan McGalla, the pioneer of P3 Executive Consulting exceptionally beat all odds and rose to the executive level of management. Her story is a great inspiration to many women all over the world. Statistics show that companies with a diverse group of workers, that is, gender and ethnic groups, have a better performance than those with poor diversity.

Susan began her career in 1994 in a male-dominated environment, working under the America Eagle Outfitters where she served in various positions before rising to the position of presidency in the company until the year 2004. She then served as Wet Sel’s CEO in 2011. In the following year, she left the company and went ahead and founded P3 Consulting.

Men lead most organization management. The gender diversity is yet to be achieved at satisfactory levels. Susan McGalla set a good example that women can still perform as men in leadership when accorded chance. Deservingly, she rose to top management level, a case that has not been easy for many women.

Many women’s groups and initiative have been established to support women and unite them. That has enabled them to exchange ideas. Many women have benefited from such initiatives. However, the gender gap remains, and this has led to calls on the society to promote women. There is a need for the top management to elevate women for them to clinch the executive roles.

Susan McGalla explains that her motivation to work boldly in male-dominated capacities came can be traced back to her family, whereby, she lived with her dad and two brothers. She recalls that she had to do most of the work in a male dominated home. Her career history and initiatives have become an example of what other women can still achieve.

Today, she is Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development and also serves as a consultant in marketing strategy and to top financial organizations on matters of retail. She is also as a board member to both Trustees for the University of Pittsburgh Board.