Supermarket Experts At Forbes List Top 10 Food Trends For 2018

Forbes magazine just released its list of the top 10 food trends set to revolutionize the food industry in 2018. Overall, analysts point out that consumers are becoming more health conscious about what they are putting in their bodies, which could lead to greater demand for high-quality organic products.

The first big trend experts expect to boom in 2018 is the “mindfulness revolution.” In terms of the food industry, “mindfulness” refers to being aware of a company’s ethical standards and ingredients before purchasing any product. Expect to see more foodstuffs that have charitable donations attached to them and vegan-friendly gluten-free products clearly displayed.

Second on Forbes’ list is the “sense of touch.” Analysts say that over the past few years we’ve gone through a very cerebral “information overload” on the good and bad of various foods. Now food experts believe that it’s time to shift from learning about food to enhancing the eating experience. Food companies can now use 3D printing and ASMR technologies make people more aware of the texture of food via advertising. Also, Poke bowl-themed restaurants are challenging how we should expect fast food products to taste and feel in our mouths.

The third major trend in the food industry for 2018 is farming standards. Somewhat related to mindfulness, consumers are becoming more aware of unethical farming practices and the overuse of pesticides and herbicides. Also, more people are opting for a plant-based diet and seeking out the highest quality organic produce. Thankfully, more farmers than ever before are 35 or younger and 65 percent have a college degree. Analysts believe these smart young farmers will change the nature of agriculture in the near future.

The trends in the number four and five spots, NeuroNutrition and BioHacking, were so closely related that authors put them together on their list. NeuroNutrition refers to foods that can boost brainpower, and BioHacking refers to using food as medicine for personalized conditions. Definitely expect to see more omega-3s in foods and drinks in the supermarket.

From number six to number ten, here are the rest of Forbes’ top food trends of 2018: Technofoodology, truthful advertising, a sense of security, politics of food/climate change, and more exciting supermarkets.