Stream Energy Patch Philanthropy to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey is among many world calamities that have left many hopeless. Its aftermath is very devastating that only the victims can leave to tell. In countries such as America, Hurricane Harvey is quite common, thus when it attacks, victims are left helpless. In a recent scenario, many things were lost including houses and valuables. There was experienced 56 inches of rain which turned out to be very daunting.

Recently, there has been hope for victims of Hurricane Harvey. In Dallas, a company by the name, Stream Energy has been of assistance to the victims of hurricane. According to the company’s associates, their primary target has always been to provide corporate philanthropy. They have, therefore, come up with a charity foundation called, Stream Cares.

The company has been of assistance for more than a decade now. With the launch of, Stream Cares, they are hopeful to be more philanthropic to the needy. In the previous hurricane attacks, Stream has offered numerous help, especially, in terms of funding. Besides, not only does the company provide funds but also essential material that might be required for assistance. According to reports, Stream America has more than one advantage to the community. Clients don’t have to pay anything in return because the Stream Energy Company is dependent on royalties.

Most amazingly, Stream Cares was completed through the company’s funds. Apparently, the funds used for the establishment were as a result of their own revenues. This was from direct energy selling, which has, with time, enabled proper networking between the Stream Energy Company and clients. Stream Cares has been of great services to the Dallas community, where it has offered services such as mobile phone plans and virtual doctors amongst others. Besides, both its residential and corporate services have been reliable.

Among the famous project of Stream Cares is the Texas tornado that occurred in 2016. They participated fully and with enthusiasm, hence saving massive lives. The event which happened a day after charismas was devastating, but at least, the Stream crew brought hopes to the victims.

The Stream Energy Company associates are much dedicated, and are always ready to assist in such scenarios. Not only are they passionate but also happy with doing what they do to save lives. Currently, they are focused on elevating the two Americas states which are Texas and Dallas. However, Stream Energy has hopes to spread its philanthropy to the rest of the world in the recent future.